Nanaimo Family History Society Privacy Policy

The Nanaimo Family History Society (hereafter N.F.H.S.) is a non-profit organization formed in 1981, and is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable society. Its purpose is to further the study of genealogy and family history in various areas of interest to members and to collect and preserve materials relevant to genealogical research with special emphasis on local sources.

  1.  POLICY

N.F.H.S. has a commitment to protect the privacy of its members. Any personal information collected by the N.F.H.S. is used solely for society purposes primarily to contact members for notification of meetings and special events and to distribute our quarterly journal, Ancestree.  Personal information may also be used to research and answer genealogical queries from members and the general public. This information will not be sold nor leased.

Personal information under our policy as defined in the British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act contains different types of information about an individual including name, address, contact numbers (other than business contacts), email addresses and any other specifically identifiable data.

The privacy policy shall be posted on the N.F.H.S. website and included in membership applications.


Personal information is collected by N.F.H.S. from its members and others in order to contact members, to research for members and non-members, and to manage its volunteer activities.

Information collected from an individual is collected only with the consent of that individual and is not leased nor rented. Such information is used solely for N.F.H.S. activities and goals or for the reason it was collected.

Information may be collected from members to further N.F.H.S. activities:

  1. name
  2. address
  3. phone number (s)
  4. email address
  5. birthdate of executive members
  6. surname interests

Personal information collected by N.F.H.S. is retained only as long as the information is deemed necessary for the functioning of the society. This information will be stored in a responsible manner.


A privacy officer will be appointed by the executive of N.F.H.S. for each year.


Individuals may access their personal information by contacting the membership chairperson to advise and correct personal data.

A complaint may be forwarded to the current privacy officer of N.F.H.S.