Nanaimo Family History Society members are invited to enter a “Meet My Ancestor” contest.  Cash awards of $50.00, $30.00 and $20.00 will be awarded to the entrants whose entries, in the opinion of the judging  panel, best meet the contest criteria.  The prizes will be awarded only if we receive at least four entries.

A Choice of Topic

This year NFHS has reduced the length of papers and we have a variety of topics from which to choose. Length of papers is from 500 to 1000 words (about two to four double spaced pages).

1. A Skeleton in My Closet •    do you have an ancestor who lived prior to 1900 and whose exploits are, uh, rather interesting?

2.  Those Walls Can Talk!  •    do you have an ancestral home, a school, a church, a homestead,  that was an important part of an ancestor’s life?

3.  A Woman at Work or a Suffragette •    do you have a female ancestor whose pre 1940 employment or whose suffragette activities are interesting?

4. They Celebrated! •    do you have a wedding, a funeral (a celebration of life), or another family gathering in your family history whose description explores the life of your ancestors?

5.  They Worked and Played! •    do you have a pre 1930 ancestor who was an athlete or had interesting employment?

Entries are to be submitted to Nanaimo Family History Society and received by midnight, December 31, 2018.  Submit entries by email to or by hand to a member of the NFHS executive.

The winning entry will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in February, 2019, and will be published in the spring edition of AncesTree. Other submitted entries, at the AncesTree editor’s discretion, will be published in later editions of our society’s journal. Entries may be edited as necessary  before publication in AncesTree.


1. The author is a current member of Nanaimo Family History Society on December 31, 2018.

2. The entry has not been previously published.

3. The entry is an interesting, coherent read with a specific focus of genealogical interest.

4. The entry demonstrates the reader’s methods of research including any problems encountered and their resolution.

5. The entry includes family tree diagrams and/or photograph(s) and/or other illustrations if appropriate. These visuals are appropriately placed to support the context of the entry.

6. The length of the entry is not more than 1000 words and not less than 500 words.

7. The entry includes footnotes and sources as necessary.